While we’re trying to get this website back in order, we’re making this the landing page. Below you will find where my designs are up and ready to purchase through third parties. This site will still accept orders, and it is secure. However you’ll see that I’m working on the back end so things are a little wonky.

I’ve been selling t-shirts for over eight years now, mostly on other retailers’ sites. These other sites can offer you more options for shirt types and colors as well as merchandise types. Most offer hoodies, mugs (although I suggest the Design by Humans store for that), water bottles, stickers, posters, wall art. And you may have an existing relationship with these providers.

I wanted to start my own site for several reasons. The main reason was to offer a top quality t-shirt. The Fruit of the Loom shirts sold here are 5oz, preshrunk, all-cotton shirt. It is a solid piece of clothing that should last. As a bonus, for some of my designs I can offer a version of heat transfer vinyl which creates a more solid image compared to the POD (print on demand) technology used for other shirts. These are the shirts that cost a little more. If you want lighter shirts, tall sizes, fitted t-shirts, or these designs on different merchandise items (like mugs and stickers) you’ll need to check out my other outlets.

If you’re looking for a custom design, a color variation, bulk orders, or you need customized products for organizations or schools in the Grand Valley or NE Ohio area, you can send me an email to